Deeyah wins Emmy award for Banaz Film

Documentary film directed and produced by Deeyah through Fuuse Films about the so called honour killing of Banaz Mahmod wins the 2013 Emmy for Best International Documentary Film.



Documentary film directed and produced by Deeyah through Fuuse Films about the so called honour killing of Banaz Mahmod receives the 2013 Peabody Award.   For more info about the film visit:  http://fuuse.net/banaz-a-love-story/    


Legendary John McLaughlin meets Deeyah

Legendary guitarist John McLaughlin meets with Norwegian music producer, Deeyah.

On his official website he has written a blog in support of the album and artists on “Listen To The Banned”.


Deeyah’s NORDIC WOMAN album released in Norway

Deeyah presents NORDIC WOMAN Nordic Woman is a compilation album created by Norwegian-Pakistani/Afghan music producer and activist Deeyah featuring female artists from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland who draw their inspiration from the various and distinctive styles of traditional Nordic music. Women’s Voices Nordic Woman is the first music collection in an ongoing WOMAN series dedicated to celebrating women’s voices and musical heritage from around the world. Each album,…


Deeyah launches International Honour Based Violence Resource Centre

Conceived and founded in collaboration with Joanne Payton of Cardiff University, Deeyah launches HBVA in February 2012.

HBVA (Honour Based Violence Awareness network) is an international digital resource centre working to advance understanding and awareness of Honour Killings and Honour Based Violence through research, training and information for professionals; teachers, health workers, social services, police, politicians, and others who may encounter individuals at risk.


The Hindu Times on Memini: “They live on in cyberspace”

One of India’s leading national newspapers, “The Hindu Times” published an article about Memini the digital initiative founded by Deeyah in remembrance of victims of honour killings worldwide.

You can read the full article here: http://www.thehindu.com/sci-tech/internet/article2863615.ece


My teacher, my ustad, my guru…

My teacher, my ustad, my guru Sarangi maestro and classical singer Ustad Sultan Khan has passed away. This is a tremendous and sad loss for me personally, for the world and for music. A great force of nature, force of music has left us. There was no one like him and there will be no one like him again.  His mastery of his remarkable instrument and his serene depth of…


Deeyah Interviewed by Women News Network

Music star Deeyah speaks pride and multiculturalism in Norway. By: Eva Fernández Ortiz – WNN Features http://womennewsnetwork.net/2011/11/14/deeyah-pride-multiculturalism-norway/   (WNN) Oslo, NORWAY: As Norway’s 32-year-old right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik looked out at a Norwegian public courtroom in Oslo, Tuesday, November 14, 2011, he made a formal statement before the court in an attempt to place himself at the head of a “resistance movement” against immigrants and multiculturalism in Norway. In…


Women’s Voices Thomson Reuters Foundation about Deeyah

By Chris Crowstaff:  http://www.trust.org/trustlaw/blogs/womens-voices/deeyah-pop-star-to-activist-the-challenges-of-a-muslim-singer-songwriter/ Deeyah: From Pop Star to Activist Over the last year I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to talk to many different women involved in women’s right’s work. Each conversation has helped to open my eyes to the world beyond the stereotypical images and viewpoints often presented in mainstream media. This is a very strong passion of mine, to find out what is really happening…


New site brings dignity to victims of honor-violence

http://womennewsnetwork.net/2011/06/15/site-dignity-honor-violence/   By:  Shubhi Tandon – Women News Network – WNN According to the United Nations and The International Campaign Against Honor Killing at least five thousand women and girls worldwide are murdered each year to preserve ‘family honour’. Many of these women are killed for making personal choices that don’t match the limits placed on them by their families and local society. These killings occur in societies where the…


Deeyah: From pop star to activist

In this interview with “A safe world for women” Deeyah talks to Chris Crowstaff about how her music and activism have come together, as a result of her own experiences.


Deeyah speaks about Censorship

Deeyah was a child prodigy superstar in her home country of Norway. As she grew older she gained international success, was signed to BMG/Arista and Warner Bros record labels and subsequently became subject to threats – being a westernised Muslim woman with a growing presence in the media…