New site brings dignity to victims of honor-violence

http://womennewsnetwork.net/2011/06/15/site-dignity-honor-violence/   By:  Shubhi Tandon – Women News Network – WNN According to the United Nations and The International Campaign Against Honor Killing at least five thousand women and girls worldwide are murdered each year to preserve ‘family honour’. Many of these women are killed for making personal choices that don’t match the limits placed on them by their families and local society. These killings occur in societies where the…


Deeyah: From pop star to activist

In this interview with “A safe world for women” Deeyah talks to Chris Crowstaff about how her music and activism have come together, as a result of her own experiences.


Deeyah speaks about Censorship

Deeyah was a child prodigy superstar in her home country of Norway. As she grew older she gained international success, was signed to BMG/Arista and Warner Bros record labels and subsequently became subject to threats – being a westernised Muslim woman with a growing presence in the media…