My teacher, my ustad, my guru…

My teacher, my ustad, my guru Sarangi maestro and classical singer Ustad Sultan Khan has passed away.

This is a tremendous and sad loss for me personally, for the world and for music. A great force of nature, force of music has left us. There was no one like him and there will be no one like him again.  His mastery of his remarkable instrument and his serene depth of connection to music was profoundly inspiring. I have never heard anyone play the Sarangi with such emotion and perfection, he sang and played every single note with such honesty, love, respect and care.
Khansahib I honour you and I miss you.  I have always carried your every word with me.  I remember well several years ago when I was considering leaving music completely altogether you got on the phone with me and said beta I know you are old enough to make your own decisions but listen to me about this, do any music you want, in any capacity you wish, if you don't want to perform or don't want to sing anymore don't, but you should not leave music behind, promise me  you will always use the talent and gift of music Allah gave you and the talent I shaped and taught with such pride and joy, so just remember to always serve that and keep music with you in anything you do.

Khansahib what a sad sad day this is...I am heartbroken now you are gone...

I will remember getting up at 5am every morning to sit and sing with you, I will remember sitting and listening to your stories and wisdom about life, art and spirituality. I will remember the endless hours you spent teaching me about music, its depth and about living every moment in its purpose, in its melody.
Thank you for blessing us all with your gift of music and love. With humility and gratitude I thank you for blessing me with the privilege and honour of being your ganda bandhan shagrid (disciple) from when I was 14 years old. I honour you and I will remember you always.

You will always be with me through music, through every single note of every moment.

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