Deeyah Khan recognised by the Council of Ex Muslims for ‘fearless filmmaking’

The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain (CEMB) honoured ten individuals at its International Conference on Freedom of Conscious and Expression to mark its tenth anniversary.

The sold-out event was organised by Maryam Namazie, and bought together over 70 of the most influential freethinkers from across 30 countries, highlighting the voices of those on the frontlines of resistance of Islamist fundamentalism – many of them persecuted and exiled.

Deeyah Khan was recognised for her film ‘Islam’s Non Believers’ which investigated the lives of ex-Muslims, many of whom faced extreme discrimination, ostracism, abuse and violence for leaving the faith. The documentary was broadcast on one of the largest networks in the United Kingdom and dramatically raised the profile of this persecuted minority group .

Other recipients honoured included Bangladeshi freethinker Bonya Ahmed, Saudi freethinkers Ensaf Haidar and Raif Badawi, Moroccan atheist Zineb El Rhazoui, Philosopher AC Grayling, Gita Sahgal and Yasmin Rehman of the Centre for Secular Space, Algerian sociologist Marieme Hélie-Lucas, Mohammad AlKhadra, founder of Jordanian Atheists and Ismail Mohamed, presenter of ‘The Black Ducks’, a pro-secular talk show.



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