Deeyah Khan joins Jada Pinkett Smith on Red Table Talk

Award winning Norwegian documentary filmmaker Deeyah Khan was recently invited to Los Angeles to join Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith and ‘Gammy’ (Adrienne Banfield Norris) for a taping of Red Table Talk.

In this edition, ‘Extreme Violence: Inside the Minds of People Who HateDeeyah Khan described her experiences of making her Emmy-winning documentary White Right: Meeting the Enemy.

In White Right, Deeyah gained an insider perspective on violent white supremacist organisations in America. During filming, she met Jeff Schoep, once the leader of the largest neo-Nazi organisation in America. Deeyah and Jeff developed a friendship during the filming of White Right, which led to Schoep re-evaluating his opinions and ultimately leaving the hate movement.

Recorded in the aftermath of a massacre of Black people in Buffalo, New York, this episode of Red Table Talk reunited Jeff and Deeyah. Together they tell the story of their friendship, which shows that prejudice can be overcome through building human connections across the boundaries that separate us from each other.

Broadcast via Facebook Watch, Red Table Talk has become one of the most popular talk shows in the world, and has won a Daytime Emmy Award for its insightful and candid discussions of sensitive topics. Other participants in the ‘Extreme Violence: Inside the Minds of People Who Hate’ episode were historian Dr Ibram X Kendi and NFL Player Zach Banner.

Watch the full episode here

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