They are trouble-makers and peace-makers, activists and artists, doers, thinkers and revolutionaries. These women and men share a vision of the world where women live free from violence and fear, and where equality prevails. WORLD WOMAN is a shared space where we bring these extraordinary individuals together, to amplify their voices, and to join them in solidarity with their struggle for a more inclusive and equal world.  --Deeyah Khan

WORLD WOMAN is an intimate global gathering of solidarity in Oslo — a convening of courageous and creative women. They are defenders of freedom of expression, campaigners for gender equality, peace, justice and human rights; they are known and unknown activists, artists, journalists, leaders, policymakers, scholars, and changemakers.

The participants are activists and artists who have found the compassion and strength to speak about the needs and reality of people who are suffering. Sometimes risking their own lives and livelihoods in the defence of individual freedom and equality, they give voice to the marginalised, the excluded, the silenced.

This gathering is a gesture of solidarity with these remarkable women, and a tribute to their bravery and their achievements. It is an opportunity to hear their stories, to experience their artistic expression and to develop dialogue across cultures and disciplines in order to strengthen our own voices and protect theirs.

The aim of WORLD WOMAN is to inspire collaboration, friendship, solidarity and a free exchange of ideas; and to create public awareness and engagement. Together, we will always be stronger.

We seek to:

– facilitate and nurture a global community of women and men who stand for a shared vision of a more peaceful, dignified, just and inclusive world

– do our part in ensuring the courageous women of the world do not have to stand alone in their struggles

– promote voices for human rights, gender equality, freedom of artistic expression, love, social justice and peace

– share stories, expose abuse and injustice, exchange ideas, and to shed light on challenges, solutions and hope

– help the emancipation of women and men from fear and hatred, promoting compassion and love

– reveal hidden stories, to awaken and to amplify silenced voices, to explore and unravel the dualities of East and West, masculine and feminine, nature and culture, politics and spirituality, us and them.