I Have A Voice

“I can change the world because I have a voice. I can make a difference because I have a voice.

A voice for equality, a voice for peace, a voice for compassion, a voice for action, a voice for change.


I HAVE: dignitypotential, hope, choice, ideas, feelings, purpose -- I HAVE A VOICE”


Our human voice is our biggest instrument for change.  Our voice can initiate compassion and kindness and can ignite an international campaign for equality.  I HAVE A VOICE encourages action over apathy and fear, it is a stepping stone to engender the core belief that we ALL matter.

I HAVE A VOICE is a grassroots campaign and advocacy initiative started by Deeyah for people who are committed to the struggle for human rights, equality, freedom of expression and peace. A primary focus of I HAVE A VOICE is violence against women.

It is about and for people from every walk of life, different cultures and countries standing in their own way for the idea that we can all make change in our lives, our families, our communities, our societies, our countries and our world, regardless of wealth, education, or location.

How it works:

I HAVE A VOICE is about using one's voice to raise awareness and speak about issues that are important to each of us. Using multimedia, people can submit their voice, their cause, their story, their activism, and their daily reality via videos recorded as simply as with a cell phone. Participants focus on positive action and documenting acts of kindness in order to inspire change. Whether through writing, singing, blogging, dancing, painting, photography, journalism and any other VOICE someone may choose to use in order to change the world and contribute towards positive change.

It is much harder for masses to ignore people or issues when they are exposed to the stories of those suffering. Individuals and NGOs, join us and declare your support by including your voice!